Modernizing Physical Security

Improve the efficiency of physical security teams

Create a safe environment for company employees and visitors

About Hakimo

Hakimo is a technology company that integrates into physical security programs to improve the efficiency of access control monitoring and reduce the operating cost of expensive security command centers. Our AI software eliminates the mundane tasks of monitoring cameras and sifting through alarms so your security team can focus their time on higher value tasks such as travel risk management, intelligence, emergency response and problem solving to create a safe environment for company employees. We have three core products:


Live monitoring of access control systems, eliminating nuisance alarms and highlighting true alarms.


Detecting the #1 root-cause for security incidents.


Arming security teams with actionable insights on their access control data.

Why Hakimo for Physical Security?

Better visibility into what’s going on Giving more transparency into underlying issues.

Modern and easy-to-use software tools

Prompt notification of faulty hardware

Operators spend time on high-value activities

Peace of mind for security managers!

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